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Final exam

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I'm guessing many people are reading your post and thinking what I'm thinking -- that you're likely in an impossible situation and that nothing we say can really help you at this point.

However, two things you should know about math are:

1)  It's a language.  Aside from being taught algorithms to solve canned problems, you're being taught new terminology.   Exams will often ask you questions that "look nothing like any of the problems you've seen before",  but that's because thow questions aren't testing your ability to just repeat steps in an algorithm, but rather whether or not you've learned what all the new terminology means.

It's no different than if I asked you to put a book on a table.    If you knew what a book was, and what a table was, and what it meant to put one thing on another thing,  then you'd have no problem performing the task.   And it wouldn't matter if you'd ever been asked before to put a book on a table.

In other words, spend some time learning the terminology so that you can at least read the questions and understand what they are asking.    Understanding the question is the first step in being able to do what you're being asked to do.

2) It's an activity, not a spectator sport.   In other words, just watching videos and understand what other people are doing will not necessarily prepare you to be able to do those things yourself.   You can watch someone play guitar all day and still not learn how to play guitar.

So since you have so little time, pick a few topics and work through problems in those topics on your own without looking up answers or getting help on the internet unless you absolutely have to.   Don't try and survey all the material for the entire year on youtube but instead try to master a few select topics and survey the rest quickly.    That way you'll hopefully be able to at least do a few problems on the exam.

Good Luck!

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