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Tips for Summer Plan for Calc 2

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Sorry to hear about your experience with the teacher. Is there any recourse there?

So it's hard to tell exactly where you are with Calc, having taken 'three months' of BC. But I got through a Calc1/2 sequence at a top-10 school also using Stewart pretty much entirely on the back of Professor Leonard. Watch his videos at max speed and then spam Khan's BC mastery - though be aware that the level of difficulty there is pretty hugely discrepant with the problems you'll see in Stewart. I'm honestly really not a big fan of Khan, but there's not much else like it for that content. But it is enough to get the basics. I don't know if it's enough for CLEP, I'm not familiar with the exam, but it's probably not that different from AB/BC? In which case Khan is fine. But give yourself enough time to cover the mastery you think is relevant - 2 weeks isn't much.

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