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looking for someone to help me reach USJAMO

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Can I ask why you want to take it? Have you ever looked at those questions? If it's just for bragging rights or college applications, your efforts are likely spent better elsewhere. This isn't being mean - it's encouraging you to think about *why* you want it and perhaps realize there are other paths to your goal. I say this because I'm the math league coach at the high school I teach at - and in 20 years (long before my time here) of students attempting to get through the AMC and AIME to get to the us(j)amo, only 2 students have been successful. Students who were taking multivariable calculus and linear algebra as juniors and went on to MIT to major in mathematics. And they didn't even do well on the Olympiad test. I'm not trying to stifle you, just pointing out some very realistic observations. This is like asking "I play some basketball how can I get into the NBA in a few months". In any case - best of luck!

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