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1 16(f) when I was  11 wrote a Caribbean exam in my country called SEA. Depending on how well you do in the exam determines which high school you'd get into. I got into my first choice school which is an all girls school. It's the best school in the country.

Ever since I started at this new school my grades have been incredibly bad. It's not that I don't want to do good. No it's been 5 years and I have to write a new exam called CSEC. It determines whether I could do a levels at my school or what college to get into if I don't want to continue my high school education.

I've been having a hard tike studying. I think I've become lazy and it's been hard coming out of that. Also the fact that I haven't properly studied in years has affected me. I really need to do well.

Does anyone have any tips?
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Start preparing a discipline schedule

I know it sounds like shit but if you feel that you've gotten more lazy, then discipline is the best medicine, helps you study even when you don't have motivation.

Willpower is a muscle which needs to be exercised, look up biohacking, start employing multiple methods of studying and disciple maintenence.

Bad grades are common if you get into a high  performing school, don't stress, stress impedes work, it's useless, try to enjoy yourself and be positive, so look after your mental health, If you neglect it then your marks will neglect you.

Be there for yourself, love yourself, encourage yourself. Enjoy studying, we are good at what we love.

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