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**Given two Bezier curves C1** **defined by the control points A0(0, 0), A1(2, 2), A2(4,0)**  

1. **Write the polynomial equations of first curve C1**
2. **Calculate the coordinate of the point P where parameter of u = 0.2 on the first curve.**
3. **Calculate the tangent at the point P (given in b.)**
4. **Calculate the unit normal vector at point P**

Hi guys can someone help me with calculating unit normal vector and tangent. I missed that part of the lecture.

So far my results are:

x(t) = 4t, y(t) = 4t - 4t\^2, x'(t) = 4, y'(t) = 4 - 8t

P = (0.8,0.64) and Tangent point: (4,2.4)

For calculating the tangent is the point enough? Also I have no idea how to calculate normal vector. Any help is appreciated.

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