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Does anyone have recommended resources for learning more about these "intermediate-level" statistical tests and anything related that I haven't yet included? I could Google it, but I'm interested in finding a comprehensive resource that explains the uses/functions of each and relates them to each other, as well as mentions any tests I didn't list below that are in the same "family" of tests.

Resources can include books, videos, online trainings, etc. I've finished a few books on general statistics but it only ever mentions these as things I can *do,* not how to do them or the rules involved.

* Chi square
* T test
* Two-sample t-test and paired t-test, vs Wilcox rank-sum test
* Analysis of variance vs Kruskal-Wallis test
* Pearson coefficient of correlation vs Spearman's rank correlation

For context, my background is in Human Resources/People Analytics.

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