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Hello, I'm posting as a Long Covid sufferer looking for help conducting a study of anecdotal responses to certain treatments. At time of writing, there are no proven treatments for or definitive causes of Long Covid, which is currently destroying millions of lives at roughly 3.2% of the population with the condition throughout North America and Europe. Long Covid is very similar to ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many people, for which research has unfortunately been underfunded for decades and there is still no cure for this debilitating disease. If treatment isn't found, the impacts of Long Covid on the future workforce looks bleak.

However, in the subreddits r/covidlonghaulers , r/longcovid and r/cfs there is a steady flow of posts and comments, now amounting to thousands, relating to various treatments and their efficacy or not for in the individuals trying them.

Many long covid sufferers are trying a wide variety of treatments, medications and supplements, but it's impossible to keep track of the trends by just reading the comments and posts. For example, there are entries mentioning drugs such as Low Dose Naltrexone, supplements like Nattokinase and Serrapeptase. Many comments are from people suggesting these treatments helped significantly, even cured them. But there's also people saying it made them worse.

I believe it would be highly beneficial for the long covid community, science in general, and me/cfs sufferers if someone with the requisite knowledge is able to help with a data pull study of comments and posts in these subreddits containing keywords of certain treatments and the presence of positive or negative wording indicating efficacy or not. Hopefully this would help gain a stronger idea of what may actually be helping people.

If anyone is able to help that would be fantastic.

Thanks for reading.
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If you can extract the text I can do some analysis of the patterns in the text.
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There are two ways to get the data either by requesting it from the reddit api or you can pull the data from pushift.io which is some kind of reddit database.

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