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Does it mean harder exams or just more questions answered correctly when EL increases?

Or is it true that all ADAPT exams are of similar difficulty and represents the difficulty of the real exam?

Thinking to review as many  SOA questions, quizzes by chapters and exam questions as much as possible.
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The EL of a problem is the measure of difficulty on coaching actuaries. Every problem has its own EL that depends on how often it is solved correctly/incorrectly by people using coaching actuaries. Exam P and Exam FM, which I’m assuming you are studying for one of, anecdotally have been polled to contain problems ranging about 4-6 EL on the coaching actuaries scale. When you are taking an EL 5 practice exam for instance, all the problems will have an “average” of EL 5. You may see EL 3 problems and you may see EL 7 problems, so long as the average is 5. But on the actual exam you most likely wont see problems easier than a 4-4.5 and you wont see problems harder than a 6-6.5.

Edit: in terms of your own EL (earned level) its just an arbitrary way to gauge the EL of exams you are likely able to pass, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to it and just focus on problems/quizzes/exams in the 4-6 range.

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