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Heya - I’ve been using pandas for tasks I can’t do in Excel for a few months now for work. I can do basics in python like calling an API and getting some data back, usually in json and creating a dataframe, then running some simple group by’s and so on. I also tried to web scrape data and put into a dataframe and feel pretty confident with this as well.

I want to expand my experience with other types of data. At the moment I mainly work with order data and analysing return rates, how many orders with two sizes of the same garment etc.

But I am not sure what to do. I want it to be relevant, something that can be useful for me as an individual. It would be nice if I could get all my receipts digitized and I can run some analysis on that, but the work is a bit of manual labor.

Anyone got tips for what I can try to do? My electricity company offers an API for usage every 5 seconds. Maybe I can do something about that?

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